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Mention the Website!

We are usually not actively recruiting, but still happy to accept and help new players to the game (town hall level 7 or lower).

If you are interested in joining our clan, please mention "read your website" in your in-game join request.


Who We Are

The clan Sub Nova Oz FC is a "trainer clan".

We are a friendly and positive place where people somewhat new to the game Clash of Clans learn from helpful and experienced players.

Our clan tag is #LQRPYCPC.

Our members work to gain experience and skill.  Then they move to the Big Clan, Nova Oz FC, which is a level 9 clan with the clan tag #2YLOGYCO.

We are committed to improvement while also being laid back.  We might be hard on ourselves, but are never hard on each other.

Member Requirements

1. All members must be active and friendly.  Use clan chat.  Be positive.  Be a team player.  Be polite.  We are an international clan that speaks English in clan chat.

2. When participating in clan wars, please use both attacks.  (If you cannot, use clan chat to tell everyone, so we can plan around the fact you only will use one attack.)

3. Our leaders seldom give any clan member a direct order.  But when it happens, please follow instructions.

Clan Offices

Our clan uses the office of co-leader for clan members who through participation in multiple wars with the Big Clan have "graduated" from the trainer clan but have decided to stay and mentor the next generation of trainees.

The office of elder is mostly used to mark visitors from the Big Clan.  It is sometimes given to trainees who are actively helping with recruitment, after they have participated in clan chat and war enough to know the clan well and accurately advertise its strengths.

The Golden Rule for War

When in war, our golden rule is "Attack the highest war bases in the opposing lineup that you are absolutely sure you can three-star."

This rule encourages clan members to learn the valuable skill of estimating which opponents they can three-star.  Ask for help if you need help!

For your first war attack, follow this rule even if your attack will not earn new stars.  Practice is important!

For your second war attack, if you cannot earn new stars then feel free to instead go for bonus war loot.  Attack the highest opponent you are confident you can one-star.  Even a one-star victory earns the full amount of bonus war loot.


Clash of Clans Tracker
Old War Weights
(Possibly accurate post-June-update here)
Four-Finger Fight technique at YouTube
Flammy Teaches Village Layout Principles
(Also see this image of his town hall 4 layout with "spring trap funneling walls" and "archer tower buffer walls", taken from this video.)
Clash of Clans "movie" (TV spot concatenation)
Our SuperCell forum recruitment thread

Join Friends in Other Games

Clash Royale - Nova Oz FC (#2LPQJ8)

Boom Beach - Angry Orcs (#VR00LL9) or Mutiny's Mutiny (#8PL09L09)

King of Thieves - Nothing to Lose (level 3 guild, symbol is green poison vial)

Our War Record of 86 wins and only 20 losses
(last updated June 17th, 2016)

Thanks for reading our clan website!